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Wheelchair Whip/NaeNae

Wheelchair Whip/NaeNae

This is about two awesome bright little six year old girls named Mayli and Brooklyn who are the best of pals. Like most other girls their age, they enjoy long hours of playing and mucking about. They also love their latest tunes and aren’t shy about whipping and swinging to their favorite numbers. As friends, Mayli and Brooklyn are so close they could have been identical twins joined at the hip, figuratively speaking, of course. But they are not.

Coincidentally, Mayli and Brooklyn have the same surnames; Gibson. But they are not related. Like most normal girls their age, they are together a lot. There are often sleepovers and parties at each other’s houses for these two. One day, Mayli’s mother, Sami, caught them in the act. But it was mischievous in a cute and innocent way.

What the two were up to was so awesome that the event was filmed. Now it has gone viral, it is that good. What Mayli and Brooklyn were giving was a rendition of their version of the Whip/NaeNae. What made their dance routine so unique was that it was performed from the awkward seats of their wheelchairs. Both kids were born with Spina Bifida, a condition which left them paralyzed more or less since birth.

The girls have had more than enough practice since Sami founded a dance school for wheelchair-bound kids. Simply amazing, Mayli and Brooklyn are destiny’s children. Perhaps it was the Lord of the Dance who brought these two social butterflies together.


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