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Whoa!! A $280,000 camera

Whoa!! A $280,000 camera

Wally Schirra, who was a photography enthusiast, used a Hasselblad 500c camera in Mercury Atlas mission back in 1962. He was the fifth human to visit outer space and the first man to bring a camera with himself in order to take pictures of our planet from its orbit. The camera has a Carl Zeiss lens; Schirra made it ready for space by painting its body in black to minimize reflection and by equipping it with a container of 100 exposure film.

Back then he paid a little over $400 for the camera that was a lot of money in 1962. However, last Thursday it became a $280,000 camera as it was auctioned in Boston and a collector from UK purchased it for that price.

The Swedish made Hasselblad cameras were matchless in the 60s and were used for space photography for their ability to offer extraordinary precision. To be more precise, the astronauts chose Hasselblad cameras for its superior mechanism, craftsmanship and quality of pictures.

After the camera was used by Wally Schirra, it was used by Gordon Cooper, another astronaut of that era. He then passed this camera on to a Californian enthusiast expecting that the new owner would take care of the machine with desired integrity.

Initially, it was expected that the camera would sell for an amount between $50,000 and $100,000. However, the device as a result of having such incredible history ended up being sold for exactly $281,250.

The British collector who bought the camera wants to remain anonymous. He/she has definitely bought something that has a historical importance and an emotional value.

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