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Will they or won’t they steal human jobs?

Will they or won’t they steal human jobs?

Some say they won’t. Others are saying they will.

While the debate rages on, sometimes to the point of irrational and useless statements being made, robots continue to quietly evolve and get on with the jobs that they were designed and manufactured to do. They make no arguments at this stage. Companies love them because they do not collectivize into unions and raise grievances with their bosses, they just carry on working until someone or something tells them to stop or simply switches them off.

Another argument is that robots won’t be contributing to the creation of new jobs for humans. They won’t be paid wages or be paying taxes either. While the government may wince at the loss of a small source of income – it is still small, companies pay the lion’s share – company executives will smile because they are absolved from the responsibility of paying labor costs, long considered to be their largest expense anyway.

For most naysayers, it is still science fiction. Robots won’t be contributing to new jobs for humans who need to control them and carry out repairs on them when needed. Still in the realm of science fiction, perhaps, robots, thanks to humanity’s ability to evolve and make technological breakthroughs such as the creation of artificially intelligent robots, will in turn continue to evolve to the point that they can take care of themselves, thank you very much.

But for the time being, robots will continue to make some human beings very wealthy indeed.


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