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Windows 10 upgrade will not affect Microsoft financially

Windows 10 upgrade will not affect Microsoft financially

Microsoft is not having sleepless nights about their free Windows 10 upgrades, which are being rolled out across the world. The company is saying that this roll-out will have no financial impact on their bottom line. By reporting massive losses, the tech giant has forced tech and financial analysts around the globe scratch their heads; according to those experts, either this ‘free’ upgrade is not free or someone else is paying for this.

Ultimately the Windows 10 upgrade is not free. It is free in the usual marketing sense when a salesman tells his unwitting customer, after barging his toe in the front door that if you buy this product you will get these ones free. There is always a catch.

Microsoft know this well; users of their software don’t really have any other choice but to upgrade to Windows 10. If they don’t do that they will be left behind and will not be able to benefit from new technological advancements; they will continue to press on with their older software.

The other option users had was switching service providers. Microsoft knows that this won’t be happening any day soon, if at all. Most home-based users and companies across the world rely on their stuff.

This may explain the software giant’s complacency; the scenario hasn’t changes in spite of their recent financial losses. So whether the upgrades to Windows 10 are free becomes immaterial, because in the long run Microsoft will be creaming money off computer manufacturers who have to license their new software for integration with the hardware they are trying to sell.

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