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Worry or not these are the latest robot trends

Worry or not these are the latest robot trends

Robots are here to stay.

Technology has advanced to such a degree that those who remain resolutely anti-robot can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. Most media and business focus is on how robots can improve the overall quality of life for human beings on planet earth. Because time and space does not allow an extensive analysis of all the latest developments and trends in the world of robots only a few themes can be mentioned here. In the weeks and months to come there will be more breaking news stories.

Media focuses on the attention, positive or negative, that robots are getting in the media at the moment. Then there is the increased investments made by the corporate world in the development and manufacture of robotic technology. And drones are becoming more popular within the domestic environment.

The increased focus on new trends in robotic developments needs to be aligned with the latest developments being made by the world’s leading tech companies and the increased interest from major multinationals in android technology to enhance their long-term business prospects and profitability. It also emphasizes the growing concerns over how this relatively new industry is impacting negatively on the job prospects of human beings. Nevertheless, companies are delighted to be involved because this industry is helping them to reduce costs.

Human beings not affected negatively by all these developments remain amused and fascinated at how drones can transform their lives, much like their smart-phones have already done.  

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