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You guys are doing it all wrong

You guys are doing it all wrong

If you want to kill off the growing robot population, particularly those that are manufactured to kill, then you had better done it right way. This may be a generous bit of advice from one pro-android writer who believes that the alarmist views of high profile proponents against killer robots have been blown out of proportion.

The writer (who for the purposes of this story will remain anonymous for now) acknowledges the immortalization of killer robots in science fiction stories, but believes that the reality is far, far different and will remain so in the future.

This writer believes that men such as Stephen Hawking, a genius in his own right, and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, are attempting to kill off his beloved killer robots the wrong way. In his lucid article, the writer omitted to mention that Hawking and Wozniak and countless others have already been campaigning on the side of what he proposes, controlling the export of commercial robotics and drone technology.

This league of extraordinary gentlemen has been campaigning for thorough control of the robotics industry for some years already. What’s even more significant is that they are campaigning for an outright ban on the manufacture of so-called terminators.

Even so, something most tech experts have acknowledged in the past, the robotics industry is having an extremely negative impact on humanity in terms of jobs being lost at the expense of motivating the drive towards improved efficiency and profitability. In a sense, robots are already killing off humankind.

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